The Amazon Web Services Summit in Berlin is over now. This year I attended the Summit the first year for Reply since I started there in November 2018. Our network was presented by Live Reply, Comsysto Reply, Data Reply and of course Storm Reply that is dedicated to AWS Cloud. Our booth G07 was situated close to the entrace of “Berlin Station” at the Gleisdreieck in Berlin. Thanks a lot to Astrid who did a very great job in organizing everything regarding the booth, entrance tickets, all logistics, the coffee machine, frozen joghurt, flyers and brochures, T-Shirts for all employees and so on and so on. Without her and the Marketing Team at Reply such an event wouldn´t be possible.

Doing booth service at the AWS Summit

This year on the first day it was really crowded in the Expo hall and I heared from someone from AWS that about 6.000 people in total attended the first day and some less the second day. Even when this is no official information, that seems to be a new record for the German Summit! Congratulations AWS Germany, you raised the bar. 🙂

Please find some impressions following, that my colleagues Tim Schmidt, Evgenij “Eugen” Renke and Tom Lorenz and me took at the Summit:

Impressions from the Keynote with Werner Vogels and his shirt that I´d like to have that says: “Encrypt everthing”. Take a look how many people like to attend the keynote on the first day!
AWS Usergroup Booth / IHK from Germany got introduced to the concept of AWS Communities